World Cancer Day 2022

World Cancer Day 2022
Woman defiant of cancer

Cancer in the Americas

In the Americas, cancer is the second leading cause of death, where are an estimated 4 million people were newly diagnosed and 1.4 million people died from the disease in 2020. Approximately, 57% of new cancer cases and 47% of cancer deaths occurred in people 69 years of age and younger, in the prime of their lives.

The most frequently diagnosed types of cancer among men are: prostate (21.7%), lung (8.9%), colorectal (7.8%), bladder (4.5%) and melanoma of the skin (3.4%). Among women, the types of cancer with the highest incidence are: breast (25.4%), lung (8.5%), colorectal (7.9%), thyroid (5 %) and cervical (3.8%)

The type of cancers with the highest mortality in men are: lung (18%), prostate (11.1%), colorectal (9.4%), liver (6.1%) and stomach ( 5.6%). The cancers that cause the most deaths among women are: breast (13.2%), lung (12.3%), colorectal (7%), cervicouterino (5.3% ) and ovary (3,9%)